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Springville Art Museum

If you enjoy art and live in Utah County, then the Springville Art Museum is a must visit location. The Springville Art Museum was built in 1937 by the WPA (Works Progress Administration) and dedicated by David O. McKay. It is located on 126 East and 400 South in Springville Utah. It is the first and the oldest art museum in Utah for the visual fine arts. The history of the Museum dates back to 1903 when the founders, John Hafen and Cyrus E. Dallin donated artwork to Springville High School. This helped to encourage the arts throughout the area and to have a location where people could come and enjoy the artwork of others and receive their own inspiration.

The Museum has over 2,500 art pieces in 29 galleries included in its collection and also hosts and displays over 15 exhibitions annually from artists around the globe. The building has had two additions. In 1964 a two story wing was added and in 1998, 20,000 square feet was added on for space that is focused on education for children and also extra room for the permanent collection. Many families, including Emma and George Smart, Alice and Merlin Steed, Theodore Wassmer and Judy Lund-Wassmer, donated art pieces that have added to the total of around 2,500 pieces that are housed in the museum year round.

The Springville Art Museum is still visited by thousands of people today who go to see the art pieces and exhibits on display. They also host different kinds of events at the Museum including dances, parties, art events, and other types of festivities. The community is very involved in the Museum from the children attending local high schools having some of their art put on display at the venue as well, which is always an exciting thing for aspiring artists. It truly is a wonderful place to go and view art and even admire the building itself for the historical meanings it has there in Springville Utah.


Exterior of Museum
Exterior of Museum The Exterior of the Springville Art Museum Source: Courtesy of the Springville Art Museum.
Interior of Museum
Interior of Museum The interior of the Springville Art Museum. Source: Courtesy of the Springville Art Museum.



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