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The 1930s saw an enormous economic downturn in the United States with the Great Depression. Unemployment numbers ran high and artists were among the many who found difficulty seeking employment. To…

A historic house museum is exactly what its title says – a house that has been turned into a museum. They often contain the inhabitants’ belongings displayed in a way that reflects their original…

Town boosters were citizens with visions for improving their cities and increasing commerce. With regular travelers and increased rail traffic, pioneers of rail towns saw opportunities to profit off…

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Intermountain Histories is a free website and mobile app that curates the histories of sites and events around the Intermountain West regions of Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. Discover the histories of the region’s peoples, places, institutions, events, cultures, and more. Using an interactive GPS-enabled map, you can take virtual or physical walking tours of historic sites. As your personal tour guide, Intermountain Histories provides historical information, photographs and images, documentary videos, audio interviews, oral histories, bibliographic citations, and other resources as you explore.