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Madison Elementary School

Madison Elementary School is the oldest school building in Ogden. Elements of the Romanesque Revival Style marks this school as one of a very limited number of buildings statewide that were designed in that style.

The original Madison Elementary School is the oldest standing school building in Ogden, Utah. It was designed by Francis C. Wood, a notable architect designed several schools, churches and hotels in Ogden including St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Sacred Heart Academy, First Presbyterian Church, and Madison School. 

The Madison Elementary School was built in 1892 and replaced the Fifth Ward School. It was built by Mr. R. B. Shepherd with the original construction bid of $26,323.00. The building was originally built with eight classrooms to teach children from kindergarten through eighth grade. Construction was completed on November 21, 1892.

In 1914, the building underwent remodeling under the direction of architect Leslie Hodgson. The remodel enlarged the building, adding 12 classrooms and a boiler room. Then in 1931, Madison underwent another remodel which added 4 more classrooms and an auditorium. 

This building provided free public education to students who lived in Ogden’s East Bench during the late 19th and 20th centuries. The school came just two years after the law was passed that established free public schools. With the passage of this legislation, the school system in Ogden had a dramatically increased attendance of students and the need for new schools was  apparent. Thus, Madison School was one of several meant to fulfill this role. The School remained in use by Ogden Schools until 1979 when it was sold to a Margret Hunter who intended to convert it to office space. The building is currently known as Madison Manor Apartments.


Madison Elementary School
Madison Elementary School Source: "Madison Elementary School." n.d. 83004188; National Register of Historic Places Collection.
Madison Manor Apartments
Madison Manor Apartments Source: Photo taken by author, 2019. 
A Closer Look at Madison Elementary
A Closer Look at Madison Elementary Source: "Madison Elementary School." n.d. 3183. Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society.



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