First National Bank of Layton

Established in 1905, the First National Bank of Layton was one of only six banks in Utah to be in business for over 100 years. It operated as First National Bank of Layton until 2019, when it merged with Glacier Bank.

The First National Bank of Layton was founded in 1905 by nine farmers and local businessmen in response to rapid economic expansion and what scholars refer to as the “Americanization” of the state, a period of increased entrepreneurial spirit which took place from 1890 to 1920. Initially funded with a starting investment of only $25,000 the bank’s focus was on small businesses and local families. The bank has tried to retain the same feeling of intimacy and personability since then. Describing itself as a community bank, it remained locally owned and active in a wide variety of community service initiatives. When the bank celebrated its centennial anniversary in 2005, having survived many wars and economic crises, it was praised by the Utah Bankers Association as “an amazing accomplishment.”

The bank was initially established in a building designed by the prominent Utah architect William Allen, who is noted for also designing the Davis County Courthouse and the Kaysville Tabernacle. William Allen, an eccentric London-born man, learned architecture via a correspondence course and often infused his buildings with personal style. Many of the buildings he designed mixed different staples of architecture like Victorian spires and Greek columns. The original building that housed the First National Bank of Layton is no longer in use. The bank is currently housed in the Farmer’s Union Building, another of Allen’s designs.

The Farmer's Union Building is significant for housing the Farmers’ Union Mercantile Institution, the first commercial enterprise in Layton, Utah, incorporated in 1909. The building was built in three sections, the first being erected in 1890, the second shortly thereafter, and the third in 1930. It was the first prominent business structure erected in Layton and served as the community's primary meeting hall, social center, and recreational facility. Various events were hosted in the building including, church events, sports games, town meetings, and others. Later, the second floor was used as apartments. The Farmer's Union business closed in 1956 and various businesses filled the vacancy until the First National Bank of Layton gained ownership. The bank merged with Glacier Bank out of Kalispell, Montana in 2019.


Farmer's Union Building
Farmer's Union Building Source: "Farmers Union Layton Utah P. 1." n.d. 21680; Utah State Historical Society Classified Photo Collection. Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society. 
Farmer's Union Building in Layton
Farmer's Union Building in Layton Source: "Farmers Union Layton Utah P. 2." n.d. 21681; Utah State Historical Society Classified Photo Collection. Used by Permission, Utah State Historical Society.
The Farmer's Union Building
The Farmer's Union Building Source: "Untitled." Ntsimp, June 2, 2009. Via Wikimedia Commons. 



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