The Hall Fruit Farm has produced fruit in North Ogden for over one hundred years. The family farm continues to serve its community and surrounding areas with fresh fruit.

The Hall Fruit Farm is a beloved historic site in North Ogden, Utah. The farm dates back to 1905 when John Hall Sr. built his family home and bought nearly one hundred acres of land. John Hall Sr. was born in 1857 in England. He met his sweetheart Annie Parratt and the two found their way to Ogden, Utah, in October 1883. In 1890, John built one of the first brick homes in the North Ogden area and, in 1905, he developed just over 100 acres of orchard land near the mouth of the North Ogden canyon, an area known as “The Bench.”John was also a skilled cabinet maker and built many homes in the Ogden area from 1890 to 1925.

His son, Henry C. Hall, and his wife, Amelia Ford Hall, took over the farm in 1915 and built the reputation of the farm. Henry was diligent in the farm's upkeep and found great joy in the production of fruit. The farm produced mainly peaches and apples and was known throughout Utah and surrounding states.  

Eventually, the farm was named H.C. Hall Fruit Farm. After Henry passed, the farm was taken over by his two sons, Henry R. Hall and George F. Hall. While Henry took the lead, the two renamed the farm the Hall Brothers Fruit Farm. Henry was active in the Weber County Horticultural Society and became president in 1960. 

In 2000, the Hall Brothers Fruit Farm was incorporated. The Hall Fruit Farm continues to produce fruit for small stores and farmer's markets around the state. Despite the passing of both Henry and George, the farm remains within the family and continues to serve fresh fruit to Weber County.


Henry Hall and his wife.
Henry Hall and his wife. Source: ”Open House Will Honor North Ogden Residents.” The Ogden Standard Examiner. February 28, 1965.
An ad for Hall Brothers Fruit Farm
An ad for Hall Brothers Fruit Farm Source: "JONATHON and Delicious apples." The Ogden Standard Examiner, 19 October 1977.



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